"Our brilliant and simply indefatigable tour guide, Jim Mackin"


This Great City
For those of us who have the good fortune to live and work in this city, New York is far more than our home: it is our resource and our inspiration.

We firmly believe there can be no better setting for a period of intensive vocal study and coaching than this unique and exciting place! New York City in June (New York in any season...) is a marvelous amalgam of cultural, culinary and ethnic events: the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic perform al fresco concerts in the Parks, American Ballet Theater is in residence at Lincoln Center; the Metropolitan Museum, MOMA and the Frick are only a few of the many museums of this City. You will have ample opportunity to partake of such cultural offerings either on your own or with your fellow CSNY participants; we will be available as friendly tour guides and knowledgeable cultural ambassadors to suggest further areas for your exploration (including popular tourist destinations and colorful neighborhoods such as Brighton Beach and Astoria).

Previous sessions of CSNY in June have included guided walking tours across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn Heights, and an entertaining and enlightening stroll through Harlem, led by our brilliant and simply indefatigable tour guide, Jim Mackin. We've taken day trips to Williamsburg, ridden the Staten Island Ferry, and -- boldly straying out of the Five Boroughs! -- trekked across the Hudson to a Japanese Mega-supermarket in New Jersey. Our students have spent warm evenings in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, listening to Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu in concert; they've experienced the artistry of Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble performing outdoors at Lincoln Center. Giving their proverbial regards to Broadway, some hardy participants took in 7 shows in ten days!

At CSNY, our plan is to keep you busy but not overloaded, so that you may experience and enjoy the City at your own pace and via the dictates of your own desires. As veteran/native New Yorkers, we will be pleased to assist and advise you on such mysteries as how to use the New York City Subway system, where to go for reasonable and tasty meals; great shopping of every stripe and how to appear to be a New Yorker, savvy and street smart, even if you're not!